Even an MBA can do it!

If you have 5 minutes to procrastinate before the Decision Sciences exam, here are two videos for you:




I’m right!

It seems that some group are starting to seriously work on their Communication skills group assignments … http://imright.info/ Does that look familiar to you? Do you have other issues with your boss? Do you sometimes struggle to resolve them?

Sleep another 4 nights and you’ll soon know more :-)

PTMBA students in the press – 2012 version

After Danny on YouTube last year, this year it is Mark on Vimeo – as an investor for the Battle of Talents 2011. Enjoy (it starts at 3:16)!

It is really stupid the 2012 version of Battle of Talents is only in Dutch. This is a big FAIL! But this is another topic …

More Blue Ocean?

As part of a normal MBA program, it seems you have to go through some obvious, basic steps. Hearing all the time about Apple is one of these ;-) Michael Porter and his models too. Blue Ocean Strategy is the last one we heard about (for 1st yeat PTMBA students at least).

So Blue Ocean strategy was introduced by Prof. Dr. Kurt Verweire in Strategic Management. Initially it’s a book written by W. Chan Kim and Renée Mauborgne of INSEAD. But of course, there are a lot of videos out there about it …

Do you want a short introduction or summary?

Or maybe you prefer the longer version?

Or you just want to see again glimpses of cases, with some patriotic music in the background?

If you missed the Cirque du Soleil case, here is an INSEAD interview with its CEO.

But finally you just want to see how this fits with Porter’s Five Forces? Youtube will always accompany your studies, even here:

Ok just because it’s late, for thos who like electro remixes, here is the “Blue Ocean Electro Rmx” from beatbros ;-)

PTMBA students in the press!

Everyday at Vlerick, we meet students who make news … After Movember (see here, here and here), and Peter in a newspaper for Telenet (sorry I have no link), Danny is on YouTube, interviewed during the Fibre to the Home Conference 2012 in Germany. Here is the video:

Who is next?

Get Down on It!

Do you fancy one last video for tonight? Here is a glimpse at a Friday evening for Vlerick Full Time and Part Time MBA students in Leuven :-) Thank you all for the cool moments!

The farmer’s donkey and the well

It’s midnight, you can’t sleep. You again think of this damn presentation for Leadership and Organisational Behaviour you accepted to make tomorrow evening. You turn one more time in your bed, close your eyes and start again counting sheep. But you know it won’t work …

Worry no more! Here are some tales you will find entertaining. Maybe you’ll want to watch the whole batch. In that case, you can forget about sleeping tonight. But at least you will have nice stories in your head. Maybe tomorrow morning you’ll be able to sleep … Sorry, boss, I was watching Beyonders ;-)


Pecha Kucha!

Last Friday, second year students laughed when Jules threw “Pecha Kucha!” at the beginning of the class. But as other first year students, we were all wondering what it means. So, Pecha Kucha is the Japanese word for chit-chat. According to Wikipedia, it is “a presentation methodology in which 20 slides are shown for 20 seconds each, usually seen in a multiple-speaker event called a Pecha Kucha Night”.

How do we pronounce ペチャクチャ?

Junko, is that right?

Do you want to watch an example? Here you are:


Now I don’t really know what to think about Pecha Kucha. It’s sweet, it’s often graphically appealing but oh la la, it’s s l o o o o o w! Although I watched several Pecha Kucha presentations tonight, maybe I didn’t watched the right presenters but I don’t feel thrilled by this type of presentation. As I often wrote about before, I prefer the TED presentation format (well, actually there is no real format in TED), the Ignite presentation style (that is actually similar to Pecha Kucha but faster) and the excellent Dick Hardt’s dynamic introduction on Identity 2.0 (I put the video again below).


I hope I won’t be forced to do Pecha Kucha next year!

How Belgium is selling itself in China

For the New Year of the Dragon, Belgium is selling itself on Chinese social networks Baidu and Weibo.

I don’t know you but for me, I watched the 7 first seconds as a demonstration of a missile attack from China on Belgium (and France, the Netherlands). I’m not sure it was the best way to demonstrated direct flights from China to Europe …

Diplomatic and economic relationships between Belgium and China are quite recent. However these ties were quickly strengthened with the fast Chinese economic growth. For instance, look at the amount of activities organized by the The Belgian-Chinese Chamber of Commerce (BCECC) … Here, Belgium tries to attract Chinese tourists to Belgium and by doing that, strengthen economic exchanges too. They try to attract Chinese tourists and businessmen in Belgium ; Vlerick will be sending some Belgian business students in China in a few months …

For those who are going to other parts of the world, here are the Belgo-indian chamber of commerce and industry, the American chamber of commerce in Belgium and the Belgian chamber of commerce for Southern Africa.

Vlerick FTMBA Movember – The Sequel

Following the tradition of video filming at Vlerick, here is the FTMBA students’ movie about Movember! Great job!

Via @adamgarone

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