Eleventh set of results in!

Well, enumerating these results is becoming a bit boring … Yesterday was the closing seminar. Today we received our results for Entrepreneurship (Prof. Bart Clarysse). Here they are:

Everyone passed, worst scores are “B”. Congratulations to everyone!

Ok, next year I really have to find something else for these results. Any suggestion?

Tenth set of results in!

The wait was not too long (and bearable). We got the results for Strategic Management this afternoon. For this class we had to give back a group paper about the strategy of our industry. Sometimes it’s not that obvious to find a common link in strategies of 5 “random” companies but that’s part of the fun!

Strategic Management results

So, results are skewed to the right. Nobody is at the extremes. More than half of the class has an A- or A! Congratulations to everyone!

Ninth set of results in!

Ask for it and you get it. Here are the results for Organisational Behaviour and Leadership (a group presentation, a mandatory personal paper about a 360° evaluation done before and an optional personal paper). This time, this is a skewed bell curve, everyone passed and there are rumors … ;-) Well, this is about being leaders, isn’t it? :-)

Btw this is the 100th post on this blog :-)

Eight set of results in!

It’s been some days since we received the results for International Business in Context. Behind this title, the course had in fact two parts: some theoretical classes and the business trip in itself. Scores were given following a presentation we made in group where we evaluated the possibility for a Belgian company to expand (and how) to another country.

Well, personally, I’m a bit frustrated because, following the feedback given afterwards, the evaluation was very academic/theoretical and not in sync with instructions given during the trip:

  • The evaluator criticized the fact we did not used all the frameworks shown during the theoretical course. Indeed we only applied one framework and realized very quickly that such expansion to another country will not fit with the newly defined strategy of the company. In which company will a team continue to explore all the frameworks in order to tell the upper management that they wasted their time and still reach the same conclusion: it doesn’t fit with the strategy?
  • Instructions given during the trip was that we could hand in a version of the final slides 1 week after the business trip and that we could modify this version afterwards. But the evaluators criticized the fact they did not have the final version of the slides (we just transformed the text in the first version into something more visual in the second version) :-(

Anyway …

Here are the results of the class:

As we can see, there are a lot of excellent results and no failure. Congratulations to everyone! Now we are still waiting for the results of Organisational Behaviour & Leadership, Strategy and Negotiations (as well as Entrepreneurship but the paper is for next week).

Seventh set of results in!

On this very sad evening for Apollo (maybe more on this later) we received the grades for Corporate Financial Management. As usual, here is the graphical representation of the results distribution:

It seems we get used to that type of curve! Congratulations to everyone!

Sixth set of results in!

Like a few weeks ago, we received some results on Friday noon. This time, it was for Human Resources Management. For this course, we had to give two papers:

  1. a group paper dealing with “applying the course on a HR topic of your interest into the reality of your organizations”. In a group of three, we chose to tackle the different cultures in international companies.
  2. an individual exam-case about Datadot, a SME with some HR issues.

As usual, here is the graphical representation of the results distribution:

Distribution of grades in HRM in Apollo MBA Leuven 2012 Basically you take the same distribution as last time (although it’s completely unrelated, I know) and your remove the A+, the B- and one F (unfortunately, there are still one F). Congratulations to everyone! :-)

Fifth set of results in!

It’s been a long time since we didn’t receive any results. It doesn’t mean we were idling: we had the exam in Management Accounting and Control just after the new year and we had to give back two papers on Human Resources Management late in January. The results we received today are for Management Accounting and Control (the course already appeared in this blog, about TCO). As usual, here is the graphical representation of the results distribution:

Result distribution of Apollo 2012 in Management Accounting and Control

The shape looks somehow like a bell this time (except for its tail on the left). The A+ is back, congratulations! Unfortunately, some Fs appeared too :-( Anyway, congratulations to everyone!

Fourth set of results in!

The results for Corporate and Managerial Responsibility (the course with the 2 graphs made more readable and the amoeba) are in!

Results of Corporate and Managerial Responsibility

This time, together with others, I spent quite some time on these papers and we thought we found interesting issues and metrics (it was a group paper on SWIFT + a personal one, a recommendation following the first paper). So I’m a bit surprised of my result: a B. Maybe I shouldn’t: at least 3 other group members have the same result (i.e. it’s maybe not related to the personal paper) and more than 60% of the class has a B. But having a B means being part of the worst students in the class (aaah: illusory superiority – look for “MBA” in the previous link ;) ). We’ll have to wait for the next session (i.e. January 13th, 2012) to receive feedback!

Third set of results in!

The results for the Industrial and Organisational Psychology paper are in!

Results of I&O Psychology - Apollo 2011

And we were again blessed to receive the grade distribution :) The A+ is back and the curve is much more like a Gaussian function than the previous results. Is that because it’s a paper (the first this year) or because the topic was more personal than the previous exam or it has nothing to do?

Second set of results in!

The results for the Economics exam are in! Again I could have done better but I passed :)

We were also blessed to receive the grade distribution. This time, no A+. No C neither. The spread is shorter and the shape is more like an U than a bell. Anyway we did it, congratulations to everyone!

Economics results - Apollo 2011

These results arrived during the same day we had to give the 2 CMR (CSR) reports as well as attend nearly 8 hours of Financial Accounting. We also received a first set of information for the international study trip. And if you add new babies for some of us, you can understand we were not short of work last week! :)

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