Pecha Kucha!

Last Friday, second year students laughed when Jules threw “Pecha Kucha!” at the beginning of the class. But as other first year students, we were all wondering what it means. So, Pecha Kucha is the Japanese word for chit-chat. According to Wikipedia, it is “a presentation methodology in which 20 slides are shown for 20 seconds each, usually seen in a multiple-speaker event called a Pecha Kucha Night”.

How do we pronounce ペチャクチャ?

Junko, is that right?

Do you want to watch an example? Here you are:


Now I don’t really know what to think about Pecha Kucha. It’s sweet, it’s often graphically appealing but oh la la, it’s s l o o o o o w! Although I watched several Pecha Kucha presentations tonight, maybe I didn’t watched the right presenters but I don’t feel thrilled by this type of presentation. As I often wrote about before, I prefer the TED presentation format (well, actually there is no real format in TED), the Ignite presentation style (that is actually similar to Pecha Kucha but faster) and the excellent Dick Hardt’s dynamic introduction on Identity 2.0 (I put the video again below).


I hope I won’t be forced to do Pecha Kucha next year!


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