A jazzy second day in New York

In this series on the International Study Trip I’m reporting from New York …

For the second day of the business trip to New York, we followed a class at Bloomberg by Prof. Dr. Werner (Fordham University) and enjoyed a jazz/leadership workshop in the afternoon. Eli Yamin Blues Band is perhaps not yet very well known in Belgium (but I have the impression that this will change with the help of some students). Lots of other things can be said and listened to but I’ll just put some pictures: next time, come to New York, it’s worth it! :-)

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All photos are mine and were taken during this trip; you can freely use them.

Stop using Facebook to help our Greek friends

Or so it’s what’s implied by this nice chart found on Bloomberg Businessweek:

Read the full article for more figures (and to see why correlation may not imply causation) ;-)

How to Speak Like a Business School Grad?

I realized already two months went by. 2 months. One tenth of the whole program. So do we already know how to speak like business school grads?

The shark

Ha ha ha! Far from it, imho. :-D

Via @Vlerick.  Photo credit: The Shark by Miguel Pires da Rosa on Flickr (CC-by-sa)

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