Start day minus 1: spend time with the family

After a hectic day at work, the only thing I was thinking of is spending time with family at home. But I’m definitely ready to plunge :)

for all the people who are feeling that there on top of the world

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Start day minus 2: do some sport

As part of a something new happening (birthday, new year, new school year, new life, etc.), people usually make resolutions to do better things than before. Usually, it’s related to improving health, finances, career, education, self, etc. In this serie of 7 days before MBA, we already wrote something about getting organized, resting, drinking more, working harder. There is one thing that is left and cited very often: exercise more (or more often). This one is more easy to say than to do since, usually, you have to go out of your bad “office habits”. But public commitment and reasonable goals can help you succeed.

Swimming in Varna

And if you don’t know what other resolutions you can make, other people created tools to help you!

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Start day minus 3: finish what’s left at work

Pile of papers After rest, work. In fact, when you think of the time that will be spent attending classes and working on “homework”, this will require a lot of time and there will still be plenty of work to do at the same time. Today is the beginning of the week, a good day to start working hard to (try to) finish the most of the work you have. You can read more papers than usual, write more code than before, build that model that you have to build since a long time, etc. And there are also these pictures to upload to Flickr, all these ideas to explore with the Arduino/Photoduino, all these books to read (for work and for leisure). I may be exaggerating a bit the amount of time it takes. Around me I see people in the office who work hard for their masters but also party hard. So wait and see …

Start day minus 4: rest

Yes, rest. It’s Sunday. It might be the last free Sunday you’ll have :)

Hamac in Hoi An

Start day minus 5: buy some stationery

Notebook and PenIf you woke up at 4.00 (pm) because of the party of yesterday, you had still some hours to go shopping. In kindergarten, parents get a list of items to buy. I wrote the students’ handbook is answering almost all our questions. But it doesn’t mention what to bring as stationery. So, as adults (that we are supposed to be, by the way), one should decide what to bring. For me, that will be a pen and a A5 notebook.

I thought of using a laptop. But since I still write faster than I type, I will stick with the notebook. I also thought of using a tablet. But I don’t have one. And I don’t think the virtual keyboard shown on-screen is more reactive than a physical keyboard. So, really, a pen and a notebook will be enough. Thank you.

Start day minus 6: have a beer (or two)

Have you already read your handbook? Ok, now it’s already time for some rest …

Although you might think Champagne is often associated with MBA, Vlerick is located in Leuven, Belgium. Belgium is well known for its beers. And since a long time! On top of that Leuven is the historic home of InBev, the world first brewing company.

So, take advantage of the sunny day (sun is a precious and unpredictable commodity in Belgium), sit at a table outside a café and enjoy a beer while you can still do it. Hurry up: some students already started!


Belgian Beers

Start day minus 7: read the student handbook

7 days left - MBA countdownHolidays are nearly over and it will be soon time to go to school. Now you can smell in the air tension starts to build up before classes start. Students get organized …

Really? :) Well, not really but let’s see what we can do during these few 7 days before classes start.

One of the little things that Vlerick was praised for by alumni is the organisation / efficiency. Especially for the part-time MBA: students are working during the day, some have a wife or a family at home and they are also students during the evening. Even for full-time students logistics is key. By the way, there will be a course on logistics and supply chain management. Supplying students with information, courses, etc., it’s a bit like supply chain, isn’t it?

And we were already able to see that before. Just minutes after deliberation, Vlerick sent results via e-mails. Weeks before September Vlerick sent the student handbook as well as the schedule for the whole year. Now we know when exams will take place: they are spread over the whole year :) The practical guidelines are answering almost all your questions, from the lockers location, library hours, parking facilities, privacy policy to examination rules and insurance policies.

Let’s hope it will stay the same …

Vlerick @ the MBA Podcaster

If you want to have again another flavour of what Vlerick is and can bring to you (as if you were not already convinced ;-)), the MBA Podcaster recently interviewed some professors and students … in a podcast!

You will successively hear about the Imax business game, the end of the year projects with concrete examples, what kind of students Vlerick is looking for, how Vlerick positions itself in the competitive world of MBA schools, about Leuven, the weather in Belgium, the international study trip, the in-company project, etc.

On a negative note, I was disappointed not to hear anything about part-time and modular MBA programs. In about half an hour, it would have been possible to add something about these programs. I don’t remember the exact proportion but students following these program are not a minority. (And yes, I will be part of them in a month).

As a side note, I appreciated that the podcast is directly available in mp3 format and not hidden in the source code or behind a registration process. Kudos for that, MBA Podcaster!

Photo credit: podcast_subscribe by derrickkwa on Flickr (CC-by)

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