Ways an Economist Says I Love You

I like applied microeconomics and graphs. Valentine’s Day was yesterday. Here is one of the 14 ways an economist says I love you :-)

An Economist's Valentine's Day

(from Elisabeth Fosslien’s portfolio)

An Overview of the Euro Crisis (NYT)

As the 27 EU leaders are meeting in Brussels in anticipation of the great opening of the Vlerick campus in the European capital ;) the New York Times released a visual guide to the crisis. It won’t really help you solve questions during the Economics exam (well, maybe this could give you some figures to back your answers). But I wanted to share this just because I like the way this visualization is done :)

It’s All Connected: An Overview of the Euro Crisis

It’s All Connected: An Overview of the Euro Crisis (NYT 23/10/2011)

Applied microeconomics

This evening, at the end of the microeconomics class, Prof. Dr. Hans Geeroms left us this model to analyze. Strange, isn’t it?

Puzzling microeconomics model

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