A status about Vlerick rebranding

Christian Spurling - Loch Ness Monster (1934)They kept us in suspense for more than a year (and Apollo 2012 for even more!) but September 12th should put an end to it: Vlerick Business School will finally unveil its new brand during the official opening of the academic year 2012-2013! It is about time, we were beginning to think of the rebranding of Vlerick as a kind of Flemish Loch Ness living in the river Dijle!

Vlerick is usually good at Twitter (much better than at corporate blogging) but here again: complete silence. We have to rely on professors in order to know more … For instance Prof. David Venter departed from tweeting famous sentences written or said by famous people and sent these three messages on August 31st and later (there was a “Vlerick Integration Seminar” on August 30rd where the new brand was presented to professors Brand Ambassadors):

Vlerick not only talks renewal and change, it walks its talk. A highly creative, internationally focused new identity will soon startle us. 

Vlerick may not be the biggest school, but by virtue of its highly gifted, world-class faculty and staff punches far above its weight! 

Radical innovation in action: Vlerick reiventing itself and the business school space. Exciting days ahead! 

Prof. Marion Debruyne also tweeted there will be a new visual identity but resisted at least twice to disclose anything. For instance:

@Tim_Debonne Sept 12 opening of the academic year we launch it to the outside world

There will also be a new website and the content was started to be migrated beginning of last month (there were just too many people involved to start trying to bribe them to know more – the only thing we know is that it was done by some lost boys in Belgium):

Migration of content of Vlerick website on Facebook - August 2012

New name, new branding, new website, … and new classes that are starting soon! We’ll have to sleep (*) 4 more nights to sit again in our “pimpedout” campus and 9 more nights before the opening ceremony …

(*) if possible, given other circumstances – but this is another story

Photo credits: Christian Spurling – Loch Ness Monster (1934) by luvi, on Flickr (licence CC-by-nc-nd)

Happy New Year 2012!

I wish you a very Happy New Year 2012. May you succeed in everything you start (and especially your MBA at Vlerick!).

Three MBA students signing for New Year 2012 (to get some money) - Original wallpaper by vladstudio.com

If I look back on this year blogging about my PTMBA at Vlerick, there are nice things to see …

For instance, here are the top 5 posts (exception made of the home page and the about page):

  1. An Overview of the Euro Crisis (NYT), a small post linking to a visualization of the Euro crisis in the New York Times
  2. Vlerick MBA 2011 planet, a post about what are the other students blogging around ; I’m still wondering why so few students are blogging about their experience at Vlerick. When you look at other schools, many students are blogging every year. Although Vlerick has a blogging platform it is currently not used by any MBA students (only Masters students ; maybe it will change with the new website) (*). Gleana Albritton used to blog as a FT MBA student at Vlerick in the FT blog area (wow!). Are studies too time consuming in Vlerick? Or life in Leuven not interesting enough? Is it not “Belgian” to blog? Almost everyone is on Twitter ; maybe blogs are so passé?
  3. Don’t shoot the red monkey, a post about Jef Staes‘ guest lecture
  4. Applied microeconomics, a small joke about graphs in microeconomics
  5. 1st MBA exam: done!, a post about my 1st exam taken at Vlerick

Of course, older posts have a slight advantage. One day I should maybe compute the exact hits per day each post received. One day, maybe.

If one looks at search terms for this year leading to this blog this year, here is the top 5 search terms (exception made of “jep does vlerick” which is quite obvious):

  1. euro crisis
  2. vlerick admission test
  3. movie maker logo
  4. microeconomics
  5. vlerick mba

Here again, older keywoards may have a slight advantage. I am amazed at the number of people visiting the blog regarding the admission test ; maybe because there isn’t much other information about that on the web.

Btw, Vlerick is also wishing you a happy 2012 :)

See you next year!

(*) Previous year full time MBA students used to officially blog from here but it seems that it is not used this academic year (and it is not linked anymore from the official Vlerick blogging platform). To reiterate my disappointment (as previously mentioned), part-time MBA students seem to be considered as less important: there is no part-time blogging platform (I tried http://ptmbablog.vlerick.com/). However, the number of PTMBA students are 2 – 3 times the number of FTMBA students, their fees are approximately the same and they stay longer. But I didn’t start this post to rant about that. Happy New Year to everyone! :)

How to make a movie and post it on the web

Last week, Jef Claes told us we would be only 2D managers (and this should be an insult, now) if we don’t use Twitter / social media and if we don’t know how to make a movie and post it on the web. So, let see what we can learn from social media, Twitter and how to make a movie and post it on the web …

Social networking in plain English:

Twitter in plain English:

And remember the slide in part about “helicopter parents” and how the dot.com generation behaves in job interviews and at work (session 2 – HRM)? Here is another example:

So why not try yourself? Twitter is here and if you look for people to start adding, I’m @jepoirrier on Twitter, Vlerick is @Vlerick, Caroline is @Caroline160981, Bart is @bart_vdheijden, Jules is @Kalengaj, etc. (sorry I didn’t have all the Twitter links ; feel free to add your twitter name in comments). Vlerick is already present on many social networks; it listed here all its social accounts.

So, how to make a movie and post it on the web?

I suppose you have MS-Windows XP (as most people do in this class) on your computer, a webcam already connected/installed and a YouTube account (if you don’t have one, just go and register there, it’s free). Newer version of MS-Windows as well as OSX may have slightly different software and a more direct integration with social media (I don’t have any of the 2).

Old Movie Maker LogoNow suppose you have something to share with the world (Big bad wolf catching one little pig), just start by opening Windows Movie Maker (its icon should look something like the icon on the left). In the Movie Tasks bar, on the left, choose “Capture from video device” and follow the video capture wizard. If you find any question difficult to answer, just leave the default suggestion. You will end up with a window asking you to start the capture (see screenshot below). Just click it when you are ready to shoot! And click “Stop Capture” when you want to … stop shooting.

Ready to capture a movie with Windows Movie Maker

When you finished capturing your video, a snapshot of it appears in the middle of the screen. You just drag your video (this snapshot) and drop it in one of the empty rectangles in the storyboard (below the screen). You can add a title or some credit with the task … “Make titles or credits” (still on the left). You can import other videos, insert some pictures or music: these tasks are all in the “Movie Tasks” bar on the left and are followed by simple wizards. You can play with interim results in the player on the right.

Drag your recently created movie and drop it in the storyboard

Once the results suit your taste, the “Movie Tasks” bar on the left has also the option “Save to my computer”. Clicking on it launches a wizard. Again, just leave default options if you are not sure about an answer. You have now a super video on your computer.

Now, open a good browser and go to the upload page of YouTube. There, follow the YouTube wizard to upload a video (the link is on top right). Basically, it will asks you to choose a file and, while it downloads the file, you have to fill in some details (title, description, some keywords, etc.).

Here is what you can get in about 5 minutes:

Was this so complicated? :)

Don’t shoot the red monkey

Last Friday, I think we had our most controversial class. Prof Dr Dirk Buyens (Human Resource Management) warned us in advance. We were not deceived: Jef Staes is really different than previous lecturers. Given the affiliations and public profiles of some future guest lecturers, I doubt we will have anyone so different anymore.

In my opinion, in order to bring new ideas, you have to somehow be radical in your ideas. Or maybe it’s just the enthusiasm in the way to express those controversial ideas. Anyway Jef Staes began with the idea that if you don’t use twitter (he is @jefstaes) and every “social media” tools or if you don’t know how to publish a video clip of yourself on the internet, you are losing time in an MBA class. Take it literally and two students left the room because they couldn’t agree (and I think they were right to do so). Take it as a metaphor and you might agree that if you can’t use all the resources available to get the information, you have a handicap compared to other managers, compared to other teams.

I will not summarize 3.5 hours of course here but, in a nutshell, Jef Staes presented more a vision about how innovation should be handled in a company, the part of information availability / social media being something to build upon.

I brake for red monkeysPersonally, being part of an innovation process in my company, I already saw most of the behaviors Jef mentioned. It was nice to understand that these negative behaviors were not specific to my company but things that are usually “there” when people innovate. Jef Staes added that next (“3D”) managers will need a vision, lots of passion and be able to use all the information available, via all possible channels.

Note: for those who wonder what is a red monkey, Jef Staes published several videos on YouTube. Here are some of them …

Photo credit: I brake for red monkeys by myself ;) on Flickr (CC-by-sa)

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