Getting back into the groove

We are already at the end of September, i.e. the first month of the second year of this Executive/Part-Time/LastEdition MBA at VBS (Vlerick Business School as we now have to call it). Time flew – Statistics course is already over, Business Law nearly and we started Operation Management this evening.

Another little element also made time fly faster: as many of my friends at the MBA a little boy arrived to delight our days (and shorten our nights). Thanks to everybody for the gifts – and to Vlerick staff for the teddy bear … with the new brand on it (pictures for this one will follow) !!!

As it should be the case for many MBA students since the 1980s, you can’t have a course on Operation Management withouth having the Benihana of Tokyo case from HBR. Videos Prof. Robert Boute enlivened the otherwise quite quiet Leuven campus (where are all the Full-Time students? Yes we are missing half of the class). But they reminded me of a similar type of restaurant in Brussels: Kabuki (Kiekenmarkt, 32 – near the Grand Place). The video below shows a little bit what you can experience (well actually the video is more soporific than the real place – without matching the American ambiance however). Of course this is not real Japanese food. But it’s funny now to see how they adapted the Benihana-type of restaurant to Belgian traditions (yes you can spend more than 45 minutes).


Some economic conferences about India in Leuven / Brussels

I don’t know if the international business trips changed with the re-branding nor if destinations are still the same nor if second-year students will still be able to go. But, as this blog is accustomed to posts about India, here are two events that may interest you too:

Leuven India FocusOn Monday October 1st, 2012, Jayanthi Chandrasekharan will present a lecture about “India and EU: Trade and Beyond“. It will be at 6.30PM at Ravenstraat / Erasmusplein in Leuven. More info on the Leuven Center for Global Governance Studies website.

From October 8th to 11th, there will be a theme week: “India and development cooperation – from recipient to donor“, in collaboration with KH Leuven, HUBrussel and HIVA. Again: more info on the Leuven Center for Global Governance Studies website.

Entrepreneurship Lecture (Monday September 24th, Leuven) – Free

For those who are interested in entrepreneurship, there will be a lecture with entrepreneurs telling their stories … The announcement on LinkedIn was:

Dear Entrepreneurs,

An interesting lecture on Entrepreneurship is planned on Monday September 24th in Leuven. Some young entrepreneurs will talk about their experiences. Furthermore, a representative of “Start-Up Chile”, a Chilean governmental initiative to promote young entrepeneurs to start their business in Santiago. As a result, the event will have both a national and international dimension. Subscriptions are now open!

More information: or the FB page:

Date: Monday September 24th at 19.30
Location: Leuven, Naamsestraat 69 (HOG 00.85)
Language: English
Price: Free

Here is the video from Start-Up Chile:


I also take the opportunity to promote a Belgian startup: 8th Color. If you deal with (IT) developers and want to manage their talents and skills, they have the tool you need! If you are lazy to click and read what they are doing, just click and listen to their interview on TechBrew!

Palissade (stats) software only works with Windows

Actual is not normal (a tribute to Edward Tufte)On Friday, we’ll have our first course of Statistics. Everything is fine: we received an extensive course outline, some exercises, a book will be provided (it already appeared in Sarah’s blog, last year), … all that is fine.

The course outline also mentions that one needs to install Palissade DecisionTools Suite (for free, fortunately – it costs nearly 2,500.00 € for a license!). For those fortunate souls who are not working with MS-Windows, you have no luck: Palissade software is not working neither with Mac (not natively) nor with Linux (not at all). Althoug they answer very fast, the technical support from Palissade could only direct me to their knowledgebase where an article explains the compatibility (and some workarounds) of their products. Forewarned is forearmed.

(I also wonder if one needs Admin rights on the computer in order to install the Suite – it may cause trouble to some of us with corporate laptops)

Photo credits: Actual is not normal by Kevin Dooley on Flickr (license CC-by)

A status about Vlerick rebranding

Christian Spurling - Loch Ness Monster (1934)They kept us in suspense for more than a year (and Apollo 2012 for even more!) but September 12th should put an end to it: Vlerick Business School will finally unveil its new brand during the official opening of the academic year 2012-2013! It is about time, we were beginning to think of the rebranding of Vlerick as a kind of Flemish Loch Ness living in the river Dijle!

Vlerick is usually good at Twitter (much better than at corporate blogging) but here again: complete silence. We have to rely on professors in order to know more … For instance Prof. David Venter departed from tweeting famous sentences written or said by famous people and sent these three messages on August 31st and later (there was a “Vlerick Integration Seminar” on August 30rd where the new brand was presented to professors Brand Ambassadors):

Vlerick not only talks renewal and change, it walks its talk. A highly creative, internationally focused new identity will soon startle us. 

Vlerick may not be the biggest school, but by virtue of its highly gifted, world-class faculty and staff punches far above its weight! 

Radical innovation in action: Vlerick reiventing itself and the business school space. Exciting days ahead! 

Prof. Marion Debruyne also tweeted there will be a new visual identity but resisted at least twice to disclose anything. For instance:

@Tim_Debonne Sept 12 opening of the academic year we launch it to the outside world

There will also be a new website and the content was started to be migrated beginning of last month (there were just too many people involved to start trying to bribe them to know more – the only thing we know is that it was done by some lost boys in Belgium):

Migration of content of Vlerick website on Facebook - August 2012

New name, new branding, new website, … and new classes that are starting soon! We’ll have to sleep (*) 4 more nights to sit again in our “pimpedout” campus and 9 more nights before the opening ceremony …

(*) if possible, given other circumstances – but this is another story

Photo credits: Christian Spurling – Loch Ness Monster (1934) by luvi, on Flickr (licence CC-by-nc-nd)

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