Help! Ghita Greef hijacked the new Vlerick website! ;-)

Tonight I was looking for the e-mail address of Prof. Robert Boute (Operations Management). To my surprise, his profile was in fact Ghita Greef’s profile. I then checked Prof. Ann Vereecke‘s profile (also Operations Management): idem, hijacked by Ghita Greef! I then tried Prof. Kurt Verweire‘s profile (Strategy): idem! Prof. Marion Debruyne (Innovation)? Idem … I did not try many other professors but I saw that Ghita Greef was the contact point for many other topics on the new website. Fortunately Ghita Greef’s own profile works! :-) LBi, what have you done?

P.S. I guess that they are busy fixing the issue so if you click on the various names above in a few hours, it will give you the real profile and not Ghita Greef’s.

P.P.S Sorry, Mrs Greef, I have nothing against you, of course!

Last P.S. Prof. Robert Boute’s e-mail address is Robert (dot) Boute (at) vlerick (dot) com.

Edit on the next day: it seems to be fixed now (or is it because I test it from inside the school network?)


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