Preferences for the International Study Trip: sent!

At Vlerick, an international study trip is organized for students following the modular MBA as well as the part-time MBA. Destinations are:

As you can see, the emphasis is put on BRICS countries, in addition to the first world economy (and with the notable exception of Brazil). There are however no chosen countries in South America, in Central/Northern Africa nor in Europe.

World map of International Study Trip (in green)

From what I saw so far, each destination has some kind of theme: some topics are covered in Mumbai, others are in Cape Town. And, of course, each destination has classes on specific business topics and issues relevant for the country. For instance: EU-China Trade and Investment (in China), Logic & Benefits of Outsoucing (in India), Stories from Wall Street (in the USA), Russian Banking System overview (in Russia) or South-Africa’s transition (these are only examples and may not be done or relevant anymore by the time you read this post ; we don’t know yet the programme for this year).

As places are limited (either 20 or 40 for each destination), they are given following the “first come, first served” principle. Students have to send an e-mail with their top 3 preferred destinations today starting at 1pm. Like previous years, I expect lots of people wanting to go to China but maybe less people than previous year wanting to go to India. Out of curiosity, I wonder what will be people choices this year.

Btw, did you send your preferred destinations?

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