Amazon: a case for each e-supply topics

Prof. Muylle’s course on e-supply is just over and here comes a very interesting presentation in my mailbox: Amazon, the hidden empire. It has everything, from A to Z:

  • A vision
  • Customer-focus and -loyalty (with a digital twist)
  • Digital-driven supply chain
  • Ecosystem
  • e-Procurement marketplace (the end of TradCom?)
  • High-margin, low-prices
  • Insourcing the value chain
  • Limitless inventory
  • Logistics
  • Pricing strategies
  • The long-tail
  • Using internet as a lever to outperform competition
  • Vertical integrations
  • there is even a kind of 2-by-2 matrix!

Prof. Roodhooft’s publications on TCO

For the last session of transparency creation in management accounting and control, Prof. Roodhooft talked about his favourite topic: total cost of ownership (TCO) in purchasing management and strategic sourcing. Here are three papers he talked about during the class:

There are lots of other references in his webpage at Vlerick (suggestion for the webmaster: add links to the actual articles, it will make everyone’s life more easy).

Feel free to add your links in the comments below if you have anything else …

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