Start day minus 7: read the student handbook

7 days left - MBA countdownHolidays are nearly over and it will be soon time to go to school. Now you can smell in the air tension starts to build up before classes start. Students get organized …

Really? :) Well, not really but let’s see what we can do during these few 7 days before classes start.

One of the little things that Vlerick was praised for by alumni is the organisation / efficiency. Especially for the part-time MBA: students are working during the day, some have a wife or a family at home and they are also students during the evening. Even for full-time students logistics is key. By the way, there will be a course on logistics and supply chain management. Supplying students with information, courses, etc., it’s a bit like supply chain, isn’t it?

And we were already able to see that before. Just minutes after deliberation, Vlerick sent results via e-mails. Weeks before September Vlerick sent the student handbook as well as the schedule for the whole year. Now we know when exams will take place: they are spread over the whole year :) The practical guidelines are answering almost all your questions, from the lockers location, library hours, parking facilities, privacy policy to examination rules and insurance policies.

Let’s hope it will stay the same …

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