Today, I went back to Vlerick …

I maybe should have posted more about the life as a Vlerick alumni :-) Anyway, after … ooops! already 2 years, I went back to Vlerick, in its Leuven campus, in breakout room 006, with a suit (no tie) and for an interview. But this time I had the great honor to be a jury member for the MGM.

Vlerick Admissions test binder

I will not write about how to succeed in this type of test (I blogged about it before and other websites might do it better than myself). However it was interesting to see adaptations from Vlerick and the motivation of some students.

For Vlerick, a lot changed since I did my admission test in Vlerick. There is a new logo and branding, a new campus in Brussels, they reorganised the MBA program, ranking improved a bit, etc. But it was very nice to see and meet again familiar faces like Mathieu Luypaert and Marion Debruyne, to sit on chairs that prevents you from sleeping in breakout rooms – like before, to taste the (improved) food of the cafeteria, …

And, last but not least, independently of their success in this assessment, I was also impressed by the motivation of the students, the diversity of their backgrounds, their eagerness to join Vlerick. Well, for some of the students at least ;-) But if you feel the need to start/improve your business knowledge in Belgium, I would encourage you to consider joining Vlerick – and show your enthusiasm from the first to the last minute of the interview!


Penultimate admissions and iPads

The academic year might be over, we might be on holidays and/or just graduated but Vlerick is not yet asleep! Yesterday (July 10th) was one of the last on-campus admission day. Things will be quiet until August 28th (the last admission day, also in Ghent). At least two people admitted are tweeting and blogging …

Twitter celebration - Vlerick admission day

Bob van der Vleuten (@bobvdv) is blogging at (in Dutch only). He’s apparently involved in many different organisations, most notably TEDxUHasselt. Christian Remon (@ChristianRemon) is blogging at He’s involved in less organisations than Bob but is very interested in communication too … Hope they will start blogging about their life at Vlerick (even if they applied for another Master than the MBA)!

The other news about Vlerick is that it will offer iPads for MBA students. But wait, only MBA-FSI students will get one and just as a pilot project! Koen announced us great news on the educational methodology front. There it is! And it is not not for us (we are just PTMBA, remember? Ok I know: it’s just a pilot ;-)) The official announcement is here and approximately reproduced here too. Very soon, you’ll see these type of students in Vlerick …

Have you seen the latest CSR slides? Oh yeah, too cool!

Now seriously, I appreciate the fact Vlerick tries to change and improve its ways of teaching. The main reason cited is that the MBA-FSI is given at different locations and putting slides on a tablet will reduce the carbon footprint of sending all the paper copies sent from Belgium (however I am wondering if the possibility of printing locally was ever considered …). It is also stated that the multimedia capabilities would probably be used in the future. But this last point seems a bit vague to me for the moment – IMHO.

I just hope they will join the other 1,000 other universities on iTunesU (and they will not “just” distribute PDFs of slides in a closed and proprietary reader). Or they will consider a more platform-independent and more socially interactive platform that just happens to also work on an iPad (but everything seems to need to be on iPad these days).

By the way, talking about improving your ecological footprint, I’m selling 11 binders of Vlerick courses (empty: I grouped all courses in 4 bigger binders and a 2Gb space on Dropbox). They look very smart. They are a good way to start a conversation with people when you roam around in your company with them under your arm. And they will soon become collectors as a new Vlerick brand will soon appear (another thing we are waiting since a long time … ;-)). You set the price (I know it doesn’t sound right for a MBA student but they are just collecting dust in the basement).

Vlerick business school files to sell

Photo credits: all mine except the middle one, from Adam Grabek on Flickr (license CC-by).

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