Getting back into the groove

We are already at the end of September, i.e. the first month of the second year of this Executive/Part-Time/LastEdition MBA at VBS (Vlerick Business School as we now have to call it). Time flew – Statistics course is already over, Business Law nearly and we started Operation Management this evening.

Another little element also made time fly faster: as many of my friends at the MBA a little boy arrived to delight our days (and shorten our nights). Thanks to everybody for the gifts – and to Vlerick staff for the teddy bear … with the new brand on it (pictures for this one will follow) !!!

As it should be the case for many MBA students since the 1980s, you can’t have a course on Operation Management withouth having the Benihana of Tokyo case from HBR. Videos Prof. Robert Boute enlivened the otherwise quite quiet Leuven campus (where are all the Full-Time students? Yes we are missing half of the class). But they reminded me of a similar type of restaurant in Brussels: Kabuki (Kiekenmarkt, 32 – near the Grand Place). The video below shows a little bit what you can experience (well actually the video is more soporific than the real place – without matching the American ambiance however). Of course this is not real Japanese food. But it’s funny now to see how they adapted the Benihana-type of restaurant to Belgian traditions (yes you can spend more than 45 minutes).


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