A status about Vlerick rebranding

Christian Spurling - Loch Ness Monster (1934)They kept us in suspense for more than a year (and Apollo 2012 for even more!) but September 12th should put an end to it: Vlerick Business School will finally unveil its new brand during the official opening of the academic year 2012-2013! It is about time, we were beginning to think of the rebranding of Vlerick as a kind of Flemish Loch Ness living in the river Dijle!

Vlerick is usually good at Twitter (much better than at corporate blogging) but here again: complete silence. We have to rely on professors in order to know more … For instance Prof. David Venter departed from tweeting famous sentences written or said by famous people and sent these three messages on August 31st and later (there was a “Vlerick Integration Seminar” on August 30rd where the new brand was presented to professors Brand Ambassadors):

Vlerick not only talks renewal and change, it walks its talk. A highly creative, internationally focused new identity will soon startle us. 

Vlerick may not be the biggest school, but by virtue of its highly gifted, world-class faculty and staff punches far above its weight! 

Radical innovation in action: Vlerick reiventing itself and the business school space. Exciting days ahead! 

Prof. Marion Debruyne also tweeted there will be a new visual identity but resisted at least twice to disclose anything. For instance:

@Tim_Debonne Sept 12 opening of the academic year we launch it to the outside world

There will also be a new website and the content was started to be migrated beginning of last month (there were just too many people involved to start trying to bribe them to know more – the only thing we know is that it was done by some lost boys in Belgium):

Migration of content of Vlerick website on Facebook - August 2012

New name, new branding, new website, … and new classes that are starting soon! We’ll have to sleep (*) 4 more nights to sit again in our “pimpedout” campus and 9 more nights before the opening ceremony …

(*) if possible, given other circumstances – but this is another story

Photo credits: Christian Spurling – Loch Ness Monster (1934) by luvi, on Flickr (licence CC-by-nc-nd)


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