Eight set of results in!

It’s been some days since we received the results for International Business in Context. Behind this title, the course had in fact two parts: some theoretical classes and the business trip in itself. Scores were given following a presentation we made in group where we evaluated the possibility for a Belgian company to expand (and how) to another country.

Well, personally, I’m a bit frustrated because, following the feedback given afterwards, the evaluation was very academic/theoretical and not in sync with instructions given during the trip:

  • The evaluator criticized the fact we did not used all the frameworks shown during the theoretical course. Indeed we only applied one framework and realized very quickly that such expansion to another country will not fit with the newly defined strategy of the company. In which company will a team continue to explore all the frameworks in order to tell the upper management that they wasted their time and still reach the same conclusion: it doesn’t fit with the strategy?
  • Instructions given during the trip was that we could hand in a version of the final slides 1 week after the business trip and that we could modify this version afterwards. But the evaluators criticized the fact they did not have the final version of the slides (we just transformed the text in the first version into something more visual in the second version) :-(

Anyway …

Here are the results of the class:

As we can see, there are a lot of excellent results and no failure. Congratulations to everyone! Now we are still waiting for the results of Organisational Behaviour & Leadership, Strategy and Negotiations (as well as Entrepreneurship but the paper is for next week).


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