It takes two to tango

Last year, I ranted about the fact there was no MBA blog anymore on the Vlerick platform. No full-time blog. No part-time blog. It was a bit mean because it takes two to tango, of course.

it takes two to tango

As mentioned before, there is an official Vlerick blogging platform ready for students (as well as the dean, professors, etc.). But only students can really write about their experience. It seems full-time students were asked to write but none volunteered so far. Part-time students were not asked because in the past students said they didn’t had the time or interest for blogging for Vlerick. And voilà: what can Vlerick do if no one wants to write for them?

Now if you are interested in telling your experience at Vlerick or more broadly as a MBA student, just ask the Vlerick e-marketing team and they will set-up the blog platform for you (I can give you the name of the person to contact). Or just go to WordPress or Blogger and create your own blog (it’s also easy and free). And no time for blogging is not an excuse: frankly speaking, it doesn’t take so much time (e.g. I only spent 5 minutes for this post so far and finding the photo took most of the time).

I will be happy to read you soon, then? :)

Photo credit: it takes two to tango by Gerard Stolk on Flickr (license CC-by-nc)


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