Vlerick Knowlegde now available without registration

Vlerick has a good website but I’m glad it will be redone in a few weeks. Indeed I didn’t know that there was a “knowledge platform” and it deserves more visibility. The platform is meant to “share Vlerick research expertise in multiple management domains with the business community” (btw its URL is http://knowledge.vlerick.com/). What is new (or announced as new via Twitter since I didn’t know it before) is that Vlerick Knowlegde is now available without registration. Great so now it’s like INSEAD Knowledge, RSM ERiM or HBS Working Knowledge! Is it a criteria for ranking? (No, Jep, you said no sarcasm anymore this year!)

Well, I sincerely think an open knowledge platform should be a criteria for ranking: it shows how a business school is giving back to the community. Given that platform, you can add additional criteria on the quality of its content, the types of media used, the possibility of interactions, etc. but that’s another story.

Although free, this kind of platform should most probably be an advantage for the business school too: it’s a showcase of its researches and researchers and it shows potential future students what are the hot topics in the school. For instance, in Vlerick Knowledge, there are topics on accounting & finances, entrepreneurship, governance & ethics and performance management but none of these four are in the “most popular” section at the end of the main page. I agree that most popular articles are promoted by viewers and not the school itself. So most popular sections on Vlerick Knowledge are: operations & SCM, strategy, HRM, innovation, risk and people management, marketing & sales and ICT & BPM (I wonder if this order means something ; for web search engines, it does at least).

After rankings and potential customers, the third potentially interested population is: current Vlerick students! :) For instance I was glad to read the SABAF case again (webmaster, it could be a nice plus to put the link to the full academic paper, thanks) or surprised not to hear Prof. Filip Roodhooft talk about “creating transparency” about the modern CFO’s roles ;-) (yes, there are even podcasts ; and transparency creation is indirectly there).

But there is a twist (there always is one in the end). The platform doesn’t seem to be fully adapted to this new openness: in most page where you previously should register or log in to read the full paper (like US Investments in Belgium – the 2010 report or Generation Y career expectations), these registration links are still there but lead to a 404 error page. Not good. However, the summary is already there, that’s a good start. I’m eagerly waiting for the content to become freely accessible!


3 Responses to Vlerick Knowlegde now available without registration

  1. Thanks Jean-Etienne for the feedback. We are still working on deleting registration module so indeed there are some pages were the register form is still online. We’ll solve this as soon as possible;

    We also added the link to the article as you suggested. Take a look at http://knowledge.vlerick.com/Article/ResearchTopics/governance-ethics/204_sabaf-cr-practice.aspx

    Enjoy the platform!

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