How to change your Vlerick password?

Well, this seems very silly but that’s the question I ended up asking myself when I realized that my password is too long (btw thanks, Mike). Yes, you correctly read: my 17-chars password is too long.

I am not a security professional but I have some interest in security. A bit everywhere around the web, your password strength is a function of length, complexity, and unpredictability (from Wikipedia, that elaborates and gives more details about it). Regarding length, the minimum length varies according to sources. But, for instance, Microsoft recommends to use eight characters or more. On the Microsoft password checker, a 8-chars password has a weak strength and my 17-chars password has just a strong strength.


Anyway, as previously mentioned here, Vlerick uses a mix of its own infrastructure and the Microsoft Office 365 cloud infrastructure to provide online services to its students. This means our login and password for desktop PCs as well as the Vlerick Central Login Portal and the Office 365 services are shared between these services. Fine and sweet. But what if I initially chose a password that has more characters than the Office 365 limit of 16 chars? I didn’t find where one could change its password online (except writing an e-mail to helpdesk – I already mentioned they were very reactive). You really have to connect to one of the desktop PCs at Vlerick, change your password and voilà!

I agree it’s not really a Vlerick issue. I just thought it might help someone out there :)

Photo credit: Vault by ostrograd (CC-by-nc-sa)


One Response to How to change your Vlerick password?

  1. Mike says:

    Glad I could help.
    JEP, internet security is a big deal. It is strange that you can’t use a 17 character password on I am glad that you can now enjoy the full benefits of the IT Vlerick has to offer.

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