New student rep and CPA!

One of the nice thing of the Opening Seminar is that you get a chance to pause and reflect on yourself (this year at least, more on this later).

The other good thing is that you have a chance to elect your new student rep and The CPA (Chief Party Animal). And this year it’s respectively Junko and Fabian :) Congratulations and good luck, you made/make a great team!

5 Responses to New student rep and CPA!

  1. Ivan Schalck says:

    Dear Jep, really great to see that you take the election of Junko it such very sportive and positive way. That’s the real Apollo spirit !
    In June there is again an occasion to make your wish as student rep true. Go for it. We will need certainly some IT skills to take this great place further forward for the next Apollo Groups. Succes !

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  3. jepoirrier says:

    You’re welcome, Ivan! It will be a long time and there will be lots of efforts before June 2012. So wait and see … :)

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