Open Day ’11 & 1st Apollo BBQ

Today two events took place in / around Vlerick. First the Open Day (in Vlerick Leuven). Second the Apollo barbecue.

At the Open Day, we, students, were able to bring our loved ones (wives, husbands, girl-/boy-friends, kids, parents, whoever) on the campus to show them where we will spend at least 2 afternoons/evenings per week during the following 2 years. Prof. Dr. Koen Dewettinck showed us the whole building, from top to bottom. I discovered that the Vlerick building hosts some researchers at the top floor. We enjoyed the sun and the grass on the roof. And in our most often used classroom (in the basement), we saw all the little boys happily running together everywhere (even if they don’t all speak the same language).  Here are a few hazy pictures:

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We were also able to briefly see some students from the modular MBA students (Carl, I saw you but had no time to talk before your class resumed). Btw it seems to me we also have now students from the full-time MBA in Leuven. On Friday I recognized some faces in the classroom and their newsboard now includes a map of where they sit.

Later in the afternoon (and later during the night for those who don’t have kids to put to bed), students representatives organized the first Apollo barbecue. It took place at De Kluis, in Sint-Joris Weert (a 20 minutes drive from Vlerick). It’s a scout camp area so there is a large patch of land where one could put a tent, 2 barbecues, approximately 5 tables with benches. And there was still enough place to park some cars (not everybody listened to Mike when he told us where to park the cars) and play games both for kids and grown-ups. Mummification was great, thanks (no pictures, sorry). And of course first-year students beat second-year students at the pull rope fight! Later during the evening, there will be a bonfire, an improvised dancefloor (I guess) and some people will be able to camp for the night.

In a nutshell it was a very interesting day. Thanks, student reps! On Sunday, we’ll try to work (if procrastination doesn’t hit one more time).

Edit on Sep 25, 2011: official photos for the Open Day 2011 and the Apollo BBQ 2011 are out!


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