Part-time -vs- Full-time MBA, PC -vs- Mac

Maybe I shouldn’t post this here but there is an awful lot of videos on YouTube about part-time MBAs (as well as official Vlerick videos and Vlerick alumni videos). Unfortunately for us, the two videos that came on top of my search for part-time MBA videos are spoofs of the funny set of ads “comparing” Mac to PC …


(If you don’t get the reference, watch this set of ads)

This allows me to jump on the next topic of investigation I was eager to discover: what is the most common computer platform used by PT MBAs at Vlerick? Well, I cannot say for sure since I didn’t had a chance to look at the computers used in the other PT classes or in the FT class. But in Apollo, there are 100% of MS-Windows laptops and there are most of the time given by the workplace: there are ugly, text-only, black-on-white stickers with all the characteristics of/on some computers. OK, one of our students reps has a sleek, black, sticker-free laptop (Dell if I remember correctly). And it’s still a MS-Windows PC.

Vlerick IT infrastructure is also MS-Windows, kiosk PCs all around the campus run Windows 7. The networked content is managed by MS-Sharepoint and the webmail login goes through and make hundreds redirections in the Microsoft cloud infrastructure.

So: no Mac, no Linux. But …

But, if you look at what people have in their pockets, you’ll see a totally different ecosystem. There are at least 2 iPads, lots of Blackberries, many iPhones and many Android (and oh yes, only one Windows phone). This sample (as well as the computer sample) is largely biased by the fact that these devices are for professional use (by that I mean: given by the day job). But there is still a trend: MS-Windows on the desktop/laptop and Android/iOS in the pockets.

What also surprised me is that no one is actually taking notes directly on their laptop. I agree the two current topics (economics and financial accounting) are accompanied by good textbooks and aren’t really suitable for electronic note-taking. I wonder if this will be the same in other topics.


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