D+2, I survived :)

One of the things I wondered about was the state in which I would be after staying a (long) evening and 6.5hours the next day just attending classes. I know, one spends about 8 hours a day in the office (sometimes / often more). And we used to spend a lot more time in classrooms at the university. But we usually left university since a long time (last class was 2003 for me). And we cope with all sorts of distractions at work. Keeping the focus for 6.5h on new subjects was something interesting to discover (if possible). The result? It’s possible. Tiring but possible. And tiredness will probably (hopefully!) go away with practise.

On the first evening, we had an introduction by the programme director (who will also teach Industrial and Organisational Psychology and Human Ressources Management) and the programme manager (YMMV depending on your part-time). An analysis of the students background was also done and gave more precise results than given here and other stuff I couldn’t find like age, nationality (still 80% of Belgians) and educational background (mostly engineering). Finally, one of the students reps also did a nice presentation of all the activities done for us.  By the way, our batch is called Apollo and we are in 2011 ; Apollo 11 was the spaceflight which landed the first humans on Earth’s Moon. Let’s see if this augurs well ;)

On the second day, we had a good time with the Finance Accounting and Simulation Tool (FAST). I agree: the title seems dry but the way the tool/game was well thought, concepts were well-presented (although with maybe too many abbreviations imho) and illustrated with examples from recent general business news. Prof. Luypaert, well done!


3 Responses to D+2, I survived :)

  1. Great initiative JEP. Love it!!

  2. Mike says:

    It is now D+11. Where are the updates?

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