Start day minus 2: do some sport

As part of a something new happening (birthday, new year, new school year, new life, etc.), people usually make resolutions to do better things than before. Usually, it’s related to improving health, finances, career, education, self, etc. In this serie of 7 days before MBA, we already wrote something about getting organized, resting, drinking more, working harder. There is one thing that is left and cited very often: exercise more (or more often). This one is more easy to say than to do since, usually, you have to go out of your bad “office habits”. But public commitment and reasonable goals can help you succeed.

Swimming in Varna

And if you don’t know what other resolutions you can make, other people created tools to help you!

Photo credit: Swimming in Varna by emilstefanov on Flickr (CC-by-nc-nd)


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