Vlerick @ the MBA Podcaster

If you want to have again another flavour of what Vlerick is and can bring to you (as if you were not already convinced ;-)), the MBA Podcaster recently interviewed some professors and students … in a podcast!

You will successively hear about the Imax business game, the end of the year projects with concrete examples, what kind of students Vlerick is looking for, how Vlerick positions itself in the competitive world of MBA schools, about Leuven, the weather in Belgium, the international study trip, the in-company project, etc.

On a negative note, I was disappointed not to hear anything about part-time and modular MBA programs. In about half an hour, it would have been possible to add something about these programs. I don’t remember the exact proportion but students following these program are not a minority. (And yes, I will be part of them in a month).

As a side note, I appreciated that the podcast is directly available in mp3 format and not hidden in the source code or behind a registration process. Kudos for that, MBA Podcaster!

Photo credit: podcast_subscribe by derrickkwa on Flickr (CC-by)


2 Responses to Vlerick @ the MBA Podcaster

  1. Leila says:

    Thanks for the post, glad you enjoyed the show!

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